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3. N 17th St. Richmond, VA 23219

Our storefront offers 13 flavor varieties each month!

Half of the flavors are rotating "OG" flavors (those listed on the website menu) and the other half are new flavors that are part of a monthly or seasonal theme. We announce the new months "theme" and flavors at the end of the month prior on our social media platforms. 

Follow @omgocps on Facebook, Instagram and/or TikTok to keep in the know! 


Thursday, Friday & Saturday: 10AM - 8PM

Sunday & Monday: 11AM - 7PM

Tuesday & Wednesday: CLOSED

Homemade Oatmeal Cream Pie Cookies available in a variety of flavors and options.

I spent six hours on that first batch and messed the recipe up royally; however, I created something that hardly looked like a cookie, but tasted uniquely delicious. I took them to a local pot-luck and was shocked at how many "OMG these are amazing!" and "you should sell these!" comments I received.

Erin Kennedy, Owner

Our Story


Ashley M.

Omgggg. Like they're beyond!

I'm not gonna lie, my first bite I was like, "wait is this too sweet?" and then before I even finished that bite it turned into the best thing I've ever eaten. It was like I just hadn't ever used that taste bud before.

Toni B.

Enjoyed my first share of greatness from y'all yesterday, and I'm waking up wishing I had more to go with coffee; and every other inch of day needing a bite of joy!

Tori T.

My boss told me that you should have your cookies in 5 star restaurants - they are that good!

Bethany M.

My fiancé and I randomly came upon your OCPs!! OH MY GOSH it may have been the best thing that's ever happened to us!!

Aiden H.

Aww mann, this might take my grandma's spot.

Don't tell her.

Emily H.

OMG is right!! They are amazing!!

For real - I didn't know an oatmeal cookie could be so good.

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Richmond, Virginia