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Do You Ship?

Yes! It’s available east of the Mississippi River for now. It is most often $10, but can range between $10 and $20, depending on amount ordered (size/weight) of the shipping package (typically for orders larger than one dozen).

How do I know what markets you are doing, where and when? 

Markets are on hold for right now, but we will post any market calendars, new releases, giveaways, etc on our @omgocps social media accounts. It's the best way to stay up-to-date!

Do you do large catering orders?

Absolutely! No order is too large, however, the larger the order the more advance notice is requested. The best way to place a large order is to contact us directly to discuss. You can email or reach out through the contact page on the website.

Do You Deliver?

Not Currently.

Do you have an actual store?

Sure do! 3 N. 17th Street, Richmond, VA 23219 (Shockoe Bottom in the 17th Street Market Square)

Do you have vegan cookies? 

Not right now.

Do you have gluten free cookies? 

Yes, we offer the OG cookie in GF at the storefront, and will make them MTO with any variety of icing available at time of order.